Prime Brokerage

Ark Capital offers a range of prime brokerage services to our clients through a globally integrated trading platform. Our clients have direct access to various multi-asset trading platforms such as MT5, EMSX, Real Tick and IRESS.

With an industry leading platform, we offer vast expertise across a wide array of products, including swaps, futures, ETFs, and derivatives through global exchanges or OTC. In addition, we provide a number of other useful services, including custody of the securities, loaning of securities for short sales, providing margin financing, and providing back office technology and reporting.

Ark Capital is a firm that caters to institutional investors. We are structured to accommodate hedge funds, family offices, private investment vehicles, asset managers and banks. We seek to help funds successfully build their business by creating connectivity to Banking, Research, Sales and Trading, and Corporate Access for our clients. Our Prime Brokerage provides a cutting edge platform with customisable reporting, diverse asset classes and world class execution.


Ark Capital provides leverage, custody and clearing services across a globally integrated platform.


Ark Capital provides financing solutions that allow our clients to execute a range of investment strategies.

Securities Lending

Ark Capital provides access to top tier securities allocations across more than 70 markets globally.